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Indoor Air Quality

Air Conditioning Filters, UV Lights and Air Purification

Indoor Air Quality: the air we breath significantly impacts our health and our lifestyle. According to the EPA, indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and in some cases can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Allergies, asthma, odor and illness are all affected by the quality of the air that we breath at home, work and at our favorite store, restaurant or church. Nature controls the outdoor pollution level caused by particles, microbes and gases. We control the level of pollution of occupied spaces by implementing indoor air quality products and practices.

Air Conditioning Filtration

The first step towards better indoor air quality is filtration. We recommend replacement of most air filters every 30 days. Air conditioner filters should have an effectiveness of at least a MERV 8 and should fit without any gaps or deformities. It can be very difficult to find good ac filters in the correct size for each specific application, but even small gaps around air filters can reduce the effectiveness of an air conditioning filter by half. Assured air conditioning can provide custom made filters that fit any space. For most applications our air filters can be delivered to your door for about the same price as buying lower quality ac filters, that don’t fit properly, at your local hardware store. Assured Air Conditioning provides a free monthly email reminder to change your ac filters(sign up here). We also offer full service, monthly air conditioner filter replacement for effort free clean air.
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Air Conditioning UV Lights

All of the air in your home or business circulates through your air conditioning system. Your residential or commercial air conditioning system isn’t just responsible for cooling and heating, it’s also responsible for air quality. So why is it that most air conditioners have bacteria growing directly in the air path? When an air conditioner is running, it not only cools the air that passes through it, it also dehumidifies the air. When air is dehumidified, the humidity is converted into water. The Treasure Coast(Indian River County, St. Lucie County and Martin County) is a very humid area, so a lot of water is generated. The inside of your ac system is dark and wet, making it the ideal place for bacteria to grow. Bacteria doesn’t grow under ultraviolet light, so Assured Air Conditioning recommends the installation of a high quality UV light system in every air conditioner to prevent the growth of bacteria

Air Purification

Air purifiers take indoor air quality to the highest level. Does your home smell like the cat box or dog? Is someone in your home or business suffering from allergies, asthma or repeat illness? An air purification system can be life changing. Clean air doesn’t just mean reduced odor and irritants. Air purification systems have also been proven to be effective in combatting the spread of illness including MRSA, SARS and COVID-19. Air purification systems are recommended by the US Government and military for hospital and medical office environments and the FDA for food processing plants. Air purifiers are also essential equipment in schools, daycare centers, veterinary clinics, gyms, restaurants, hotels and anywhere else that groups gather or people use the same facilities. Assured Air Conditioning
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